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Larsa Pippen, 46, Slays In Bikini & Looks Unbothered On A Yacht After Montana Yao Drama



Larsa Pippen

The only thing hotter than the sunshine during Larsa Pippen’s day of yachting was her hot pink, snakeskin bikini.

Despite the drama, Larsa Pippen is living her best life. The model and former The Real Housewives of Miami star took some time to enjoy the sun and surf while vacationing aboard a yacht on May 26. Larsa flexed while rocking a hot pink bikini during her vacay, and it may just be one of her sexiest yet.

The bright thong two-piece, which you can see above, also features a subtle snakeskin print, and is held together with thin black strings. Larsa accessorized with a pair of dark black sunglasses and a black DC Skate baseball cap. Larsa kept her hair down and loose, flowing behind her.

Her beachy moment comes amidst her massive drama with ex-boyfriend Malik Beasley‘s wife, Montana Yao. After Malik decided to win back his estranged wife, who filed for divorce once he began dating Larsa, all hell broke loose. It started with Malik issuing a public apology to Montana on Instagram: “I was looking for more when it was right here that whole time.. I’m telling the world and you that there’s no body like you for me,” he wrote.

Larsa Pippen rocks a sexy black bikini with a belt in Miami (MEGA)

He said that he ended his “relationship,” but ever named Larsa. But his mention of “pictures at the mall” makes it clear who he was talking about — Larsa and Malik’s romance was uncovered when photos of the duo at a mall in Miami were published. Cue Montana and Larsa beginning a war of words. Montana posted on her Instagram Story one day later that she appreciated Malik’s public apology, but didn’t indicate that she was taking him back.

She did, however, issue a warning to Larsa to step off. “First of all we as women won’t claim you, you wouldn’t know girl code if it slapped you in the face you just a old desperate thirsty a– ran thru blow up doll,” she wrote, in part. Larsa clapped back, calling Malik and Montana “clout chasers.” Well, it only escalated from there. Now, Larsa’s yachting and not paying any mind to what happened.


‘Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Teases ‘Devastating’ Story In 200th Episode: You’ll See Me ‘Tear Up’



Jon Taffer

‘Bar Rescue’ is pouring one out for a very special occasion. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with host Jon Taffer about the milestone 200th episode and the ’emotional’ story at the center of it.

Bar Rescue premiered in 2011, and now the show is celebrating its 200th episode on June 13. The episode focuses on a homeless family living in a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jon Taffer about the impact this special episode had on him.

“It is obviously emotionally devastating, especially when you look at children,” Jon told HollywoodLife. “This whole season and being in the restaurant business, you probably know that I have done a lot of news this year about COVID and the restaurant industry. We all talked about how it has impacted the industry, and this season of Bar Rescue showed me how it has impacted people and this family is a great example.”

Jon Taffer hosts ‘Bar Rescue.’ (Roger Kisby/Paramount Network)

The family moved to Las Vegas from Texas to buy a Mexican restaurant with their life savings and “seek a better life.” Unfortunately, the pandemic hit a month after they arrived. Just days before Jon and the Bar Rescue team arrived, the host revealed that the family “lost their house and they lost their house in a fashion where they couldn’t get all of their stuff out of it. Long story short, when we got there, the three boys under 10 years old are sleeping on a wooden floor above the restaurant and this family has nothing.”

He continued, “We immediately put them in hotel rooms while we are producing the show, and I am not going to ruin the show for you, but we got a pretty good solution for them. I am very proud on what we did for this family to get them back on their feet again, and it is very emotional… This season of Bar Rescue is far different for me. It wasn’t as aggravation and attention-filled. It was much more emotional for me.”

All of season 8 was shot in Jon’s hometown of Las Vegas, and the rescued bars were those impacted severely by COVID-19. Jon has had to navigate the unique situation he has never faced, businesses that are struggling with the pandemic, vaccination rollout and protocols, and setting them up for success in a post-COVID world.

Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer in a previous episode of ‘Bar Rescue.’ (Everett Collection)

Jon never expected for the show to make it this far. “I never thought I would be on TV,” he told HollywoodLife. “It was never a goal in my life. It all of the sudden just came upon me. I thought I would do a pilot and go home and I thought it would end after the first season or end after the second season. Heck, I just shot my 200th episode, and you know what a milestone that is in television. That is a big deal. I am so grateful and appreciative of all the success that the show has achieved.”

Jon has rescued a lot of bars over the years, but we had to ask: is there something he needs to rescue for himself? “Nobody has ever asked me that question before,” he admitted. “I am really lucky. I got the chance to spend the week with my daughter and grandson last week. I have a wonderful relationship with my family, so I don’t really need much rescuing there. Professionally, I am proud of where I am at with my life. I have great relationships with my employees. They are very loyal. Both ways — me to them and them to me. I don’t think I need a lot of rescuing there. I think that my wife and my relationship… My wife is my best friend. You probably have seen her on the show. I don’t need rescuing there. I could probably use some personal rescuing with regard to how to manage my personal life, to be honest with you. But I get so excited about my professional life that I ignore my personal life sometimes. I am not great at taking time off or taking vacations, and I am not great at taking time for myself sometimes. I get so much pleasure from helping other people that it is more pleasurable for me to help other people than myself as absurd as that sounds, so this year my New Year’s Resolution, especially after going through the pandemic is to be better to myself this year. Take some more vacations, take some time off, lose a couple of pounds, eat healthier, things like that!” Bar Rescue airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Paramount Network.

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Ben Affleck Seemingly Races Over To J.Lo’s L.A. Home On Motorcycle After Vegas Trip — See Pics



Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez arrived back in L.A. wearing what appeared to be Ben Affleck’s plaid shirt on Thursday, June 10.

Ben Affleck, 48, was spotted speeding around Los Angeles on his motorcycle — seemingly headed in the direction of Jennifer Lopez‘s Bel Air home! The Oscar winner’s face was covered by a large bubble shaped helmet, wearing his usual bomber style leather jacket, jeans and leather sneakers on Friday, June 11. The sighting comes just a day after J.Lo arrived back in Los Angeles after a video shoot in Miami and his project in Las Vegas.

Ben Affleck rides a motorcycle in Los Angeles on Friday, June 11. (BACKGRID)

Jennifer raised eyebrows as she stepped off a plane in California wearing what appeared to be Ben’s go-to red-and-blue plaid shirt on June 10. She paired the oversized men’s button down — which Ben has previously been photographed in — with a white crop top, sweatpants and sneakers. Her twins Max and Emme, 13, were also in tow. It’s unclear if Ben left the cozy item at her $18 million rental home in Miami, where he visited on May 22, or if she brought the shirt with her after their recent back-to-back sleepovers.

The Town actor’s return to L.A. comes fresh off of his jam packed week in Las Vegas. Ben was spotted filming a project at the Wynn Resort and Casino where J.Lo’s mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez was also hanging out. The 75-year-old was photographed looking excited on the set of the commercial, which Ben was seemingly directing. The Boston native was also seen enjoying a round of gambling in a high roller suite around 3:00 a.m.

J.lo appeared to wear Ben’s plaid shirt arriving back in L.A. on June 9.

Bennifer have been seemingly inseparable since their unexpected April reunion after J.Lo’s split from Alex Rodriguez, 45. The two took a romantic trip to Big Sky, Montana on May 10, and have also hung out in both Los Angeles and Miami in the last 6 weeks. Of course, things could be moving at a rapid pace given their past romantic history: the pair were engaged in 2002 after meeting on the set of Gigli a year prior. After intense media attention, Bennifer called off their Sept. 2003 wedding — ultimately splitting for good in 2004.

“Her feelings on having something with Ben are real and she wants to explore that…Jennifer is still taking things slow with Ben. It just sort of happened. She’s just seeing where things go and trying not to overthink or put pressure on it and Ben seems to be giving her all the time she needs,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on May 25.

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Young Devyn Reveals How Soca Fame Eventually Blossomed Into Her Rap Career & Debut EP ‘Baby Goat’



Young Devyn

Young Devyn was only eight years old when she became a sensation in Soca music. Now 19 years old and creating buzz in the rap community, Devyn reveals how her debut EP ‘Baby Goat’ combines the genres.

“Rapping was like the last thing on my mind,” Young Devyn admitted to HollywoodLife while looking back at her earlier teen years, which may come as a surprise from the youngest person to ever freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. For the 19-year-old music artist, who has been given the seal of approval by rap legend Nicki Minaj herself, rapping started as a “hobby” that branched from her first passion: Soca music. The genre — birthed in Trinidad and Tobago — served as Devyn’s launchpad into the music industry after she performed a Soca song in tribute to her Trinidadian background for her school’s Heritage Day talent show more than a decade ago. “The performance, it just went crazy. Everybody’s going crazy. And then a week later, I ended up on the radio, and people were just like, ‘Who’s this little girl?’ And I exploded from there,” Devyn exclusively told HollywoodLife ahead of the release of her eight-track debut EP, Baby Goat, coming out on June 18.

Young Devyn — whose debut EP Baby Goat is coming out on June 18 — counts Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, JAY-Z, Jadakiss and Lauryn Hill to be some of the icons who inspired her to embrace hip hop on her music journey. She is signed with the record label 4th & Broadway. [Courtesy of Young Devyn]

This “explosion” entailed Devyn becoming an established name in the Soca scene, regularly performing at her own shows and touring with the likes of Soca icons like Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin. By 2016, then a young teen, a new curiosity formed: Devyn was drawn to the “metaphors and punchlines” of rap, and began to study the art form by watching documentaries. So, Devyn — who was raised in East New York, Brooklyn — decided to “try it” out for herself. “I was just doing a fun hobby for a couple months…and exercising my pen and actually started gaining the confidence to post like little ‘Freestyle Friday’ videos on my Instagram. So it was like a switch for everybody,” Devyn said, recalling how these weekly social media posts began her segue into hip hop.

“Everyone at the time knew me for doing Soca. So it was a cute little thing to do every Friday, like people were looking forward to it,” Devyn continued. The MC went on to have a moment of enlightenment in her career after doing a freestyle rap show that “went viral”: this could be her way of reaching new listeners, since she “always wanted to make Soca a little more mainstream.” With that revelation, Devyn knew what to do next: “And that’s when I decided to take it serious and realize that could be my way to reach the masses.”

This epiphany is what set the stepping stones that led to Devyn’s debut EP, appropriately named Baby Goat, that combines both her Soca sound and hip hop lyricism into one project. Devyn teased that the EP’s upcoming singles like “Secret” and “Entanglement,” despite falling into the camp of what Devyn considered “mainstream pop,” still have that Caribbean influence that kick-started her career. “If you’re not from the Caribbean, you’re still going to understand it and enjoy it. So it transcends everywhere, and I think people are gonna love it. And that’s kind of like, a teaspoon of what, you know, my culture is really about,” Devyn said of the tracks that are fun and flirty, perfect for putting on blast while driving with the top (or window) down this summer.

And then you have Devyn’s solid rap tracks; one of them, “Straight To It,” was already released to fans in March. Devyn swapped sweet melodies for hard-hitting verses that demand her to be taken seriously as a rapper; not that she needs to make the request, given clever lines like, “Got a different hoodie for the spinnage / I could cook a rapper, turn ’em like a spinach / Everybody know my body different, hottest in the world and I ain’t talkin’ Guinness / Ain’t a problem started I ain’t finish / Know some flossy ooters like a dentist, yeah.”

Young Devyn
Fun facts: Young Devyn was once the only girl on an all-boys basketball team, and is proficient in the Chinese language. [Photo Credit: Nigel Wardally]

The forthcoming EP was not just shaped by different genres, but by Devyn’s exposure to “different cultures,” too, as an artist who has been traveling and performing since she was eight years old. From enjoying “boat rides” in Sint Maarten to swimming in Tobago, Devyn said such experiences “expand your brain.” This translates into her music when it comes time to apply that brainpower to songwriting. “I just started writing music on a worldwide basis,” Devyn said. Instead of wondering what her city would love, she was thinking big picture: “What can I do to captivate the world?” These goals all tie back to Devyn’s goal to always be transcending one label.

What also makes Devyn’s work unique is that you won’t find explicit lyrics in it, something she was already getting attention for long before this debut EP came about. This hesitancy towards swear words and violent themes wasn’t because of her young age. Rather, Devyn saw omitting them altogether as more of a writer’s challenge, which rings more true today as she’s “getting older,” the singer-rapper said. “When you get older, you can say more things. And I still just choose not to. And it really does test your limits,” Devyn explained, adding, “It’s just all a part of the testing it and pushing your pen, really just finding out vocabularies and just different things that makes people react. Once you like, pay attention to all those things and put in a boiling pot…that’s kind of how I just be figuring it out.”

While it’s one of the many things that makes Devyn unique in her music — in addition to a level of success few her age have achieved, after also attracting the attention of stars like Taraji P. Henson — above all, Devyn just wants to be relatable.

“I definitely just want people to know that it’s okay to need normal. Like, I feel like that was kind of what was missing,” Devyn observed, noting how music doesn’t always need to be about being “always glammed up” or “being too sexual” (“nothing” is wrong with that, though, Devyn made sure to clarify). Rather, Devyn believes that her debut ep Baby Goat brings “regular emotions, regular things that we go through just everyday life…all ages, all genders, no matter where you are, could just relate to.” And if you won’t relate to it? “You’re going to respect [the EP] because it’s my story and I’m not over exaggerating anything or putting on a facade or show, like this is my real life,” Devyn said.

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