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How Rihanna’s Family & Friends Feel About Her Bringing A$AP Rocky Home For The Holidays



How Rihanna’s Family & Friends Feel About Her Bringing A$AP Rocky Home For The Holidays

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky appear to be having a blast while in Barbados celebrating the holidays together, and now, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned how her family felt about him joining her back home.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, both 32, basically confirmed their romance on Dec. 24, when they were pictured packing on PDA in public while in Barbados together. The new couple held hands while walking around the singer’s home island of Barbados just before celebrating the holidays together. It was a big milestone for their fresh romance, but her family was totally fine with A$AP accompanying her on her trip back home.

“The trip is going so well — it could not be going any better,” a source close to Rihanna told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “[A$AP Rocky] fits in perfectly with her family and friends. It’s a big relief for Rihanna because her family does tend to be very protective of her. They’re all very genuine and humble people, so the fact that Rocky wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth plays in his favor. Plus, his intentions with her are very sincere, and everyone can see how much he cares about her. That’s all that really matters to Rihanna’s family. Obviously, it’s still too soon to say where this relationship will go, but it’s exciting for everyone that she’s taken the step to bring him home for the holidays.”

They may not be moving towards marriage just yet, but it sounds like Rihanna and A$AP could be leaning that way soon if things keep going well. In fact, a second source close to the couple told us, “Rihanna and A$AP are so down to earth and the times they have been hanging out with each other has been very genuine and fun. They both have similar interests. They have a lot of the same friends and they can both trust each other in a world were their celebrity could intimidate matters. They just really get each other and still get to do their own thing. Its a pretty great relationship because it is surrounded by such a great friendship.”

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna (AP Images)

Speculation of a romance between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky started after they were seen enjoying a cozy dinner together in Manhattan on Nov. 30. This new romance with A$AP comes less than one year after Rihanna broke up with her boyfriend of three years, Hassan Jameel, in January 2020.

HollywoodLife reached out to both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s reps for comment, but we did not receive a response.


Jennifer Lopez Glows As She Wears Necklace With Ben Affleck’s Name In Portofino — Photos



Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was rocking her ‘Ben’ necklace once again, which appeared to be layered with the custom Foundrae pendant her beau gifted on her 52nd birthday!

Jennifer Lopez, 52, is showing her love for Ben Affleck, 48, loud and proud! The “Jenny From The Block” singer was once again spotted wearing her diamond necklace spelling out “B E N” for her beau as she continued her whirlwind European yacht trip on Saturday, July 31. She looked relaxed and poised as she sat on the rock of the $130 million vessel, opting for a summer-ready white dress, ombré wore sunglasses and a large pair of diamond stud earrings (likely about 2 carats).

Jennifer Lopez wears a “Ben” necklace in Portofino, Italy. (Oliver Palombi / MEGA)

The superstar demurely smiled as she looked around Portofino, Italy, keeping her highlighted hair back in a sleek ponytail. At one point, she rested her arm on the back of the sofa as the deep blue ocean sparkled behind her. A bright red patterned tote bag — likely a Dolce & Gabbana design — could also be seen propped up next to her.

Jennifer Lopez
A closer look at J.Lo’s “Ben” necklace. (Oliver Palombi / MEGA)

Jennifer’s “Ben” necklace appeared to be layered with one other significant jewelry piece: the custom Foundrae pendant that Ben gifted her on her 52nd birthday, which fell on July 24. The medallion shaped piece represents their “love” and “capacity for change and growth,” designer Beth Bugdaycay said in a recent interview to E! News. During their initial romance between 2002 – 2004, the pair were known for gifting each other unique jewelry pieces — none more famous than the $2.5 million pink diamond engagement ring by Harry Winston.

The Bronx native was first spotted wearing both pieces about a week ago: she debuted the Ben necklace in Monaco on July 26 as she stepped out in an sexy white mini dress, hat and a Valentino handbag. Eagle eyed fans caught the new Foundrae piece, however, in her sizzling bikini photos as she celebrated her birthday. “5 2…what it do,” she captioned the photos in a Valentino patterned two-piece and yellow kimono, also using the opportunity to go  Instagram official with Ben (the pair could be seen exchanging a passionate kiss in the final photo of the post). As part of her look, she wore several necklaces — including the new custom pendant from Ben!

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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 15, Rocks Black Sweatpants That Read ‘Empathy’ In Venice With Mom Angelina




Mother-daughter duo Angelia Jolie and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt have stepped out in Italy. The pair looked casual as they arrived at an airport in Venice.

Angelina Jolie has jetted off on a European getaway with her kids, and was most recently spotted at an airport in Venice with her 15-year-old daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The teenager cut a casual figure in a black hoodie and matching black sweatpants, which featured a graphic design reading ‘Empathy.’ She also carried a black backpack and completed the look with a classic pair of black Vans sneakers. Of course, she donned a blue protective face mask amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Shiloh and Angelina. Image: Cobra Team / BACKGRID

Her mom looked chic in a beige, double-breasted trench coat, which she paired with black slacks and brown slip-on mules. She styled her raven tresses in an effortless blowout, and wore a pair of dark-rimmed shades. The Maleficent actress was seen wearing a sparkly gown earlier in the day, as she toured the iconic Italian city.

Prior to arriving in Venice, she enjoyed a getaway to Paris with Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 16, Pax Jolie-Pitt, 17, and Knox Jolie-Pitt, 13, along with Shiloh. The family of five was seen together on July 23 heading to dinner at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. As fans would know, the A-lister winner is also mom to Vivienne, 13, and Maddox, 19, whom she shares with ex Brad Pitt, 57. The two stars have been embroiled in a gnarly custody battle for years, however earlier in the year Judge John Ouderkirk tentatively granted Brad joint custody of the kids.

Angelina with her kids. Image: Marksman / MEGA

Nevertheless, Angelina fought that decision, and took the case to California’s Second District Court of Appeal to have Judge Ouderkirk removed. Her efforts ultimately paid off, as a panel of three appellate judges revealed they had reversed a previous court’s ruling on July 23. Brad’s spokesperson responded to the legal development, telling HollywoodLife in a statement, “The appeals court ruling was based on a technical procedural issue, but the facts haven’t changed. There is an extraordinary amount of factual evidence which led the judge – and the many experts who testified – to reach their clear conclusion about what is in the children’s best interests.”

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‘Outer Banks’: Elizabeth Mitchell On The Season 2 Ending Twist & Why [Spoiler] Shouldn’t Trust Carla



Carla Limbrey

Carla Limbrey is a force to be reckoned with. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Elizabeth Mitchell about that big return in the season 2 finale, Carla’s obsession with the shroud, and more.

Don’t mess with Carla Limbrey. The powerful and very rich Charlestonian was a woman on a mission throughout Outer Banks season 2. Her quest to get her hands on the shroud thinks will cure her is still alive, and it led her straight to Big John. Yes, John B’s dad is alive. He’s willing to help Carla but only if she helps his son.

HollywoodLife got the chance to chat EXCLUSIVELY with Elizabeth Mitchell about the shocking Outer Banks season 2 twist and what it means for a possible season 3. Big John knows where the shroud is, and Elizabeth stressed that Carla will “do anything” to get to it. Plus, Elizabeth weighed in on Rafe’s betrayal. Read our Q&A below:

Carla Limbrey with her troubled brother Renfield. (Netflix)

The biggest twist of season 2 is that Big John, John B’s dad, is alive after all this time. What was your reaction to that twist and how that really sets up a season 3?
Elizabeth Mitchell: I was, of course, really excited because by that time I had gotten to know everybody and had worked with Jonas [Pate], and I had seen how fun it is to work with Jonas. When you are on that set, it’s many cameras, it’s a tremendous amount of action, and you really do feel like you’re doing a play. It’s so much fun. It’s so inclusive that by the time I heard that news I was nothing but happy because it meant that then I got to do even a little bit more with them and that was a gift.

Do you think Big John is someone she can trust? Or is he a threat? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: So that’s a great question. Is he someone that she can trust? Is he someone that is a threat? I think those are very much, forgive me, I know that it’s so hard for actors to be so cagey, but I do feel that that is up in the air. I feel like the ideas there and the fun and attention of it is that it really could go either way. There’s a lot of drama, which I really love to play. I had a good time hanging out with the actor because we worked together in Barbados, so I had a chance to get to know him. He’s absolutely wonderful, so my hope is there are all kinds of fraught things, trust, any of those things will be fine for me, but it doesn’t answer your question, I’m so sorry but I think the answer is it’s probably both.

Maybe I can ask you this: should Big John trust Carla? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: I don’t think anyone should trust Carla. I think she is one of those people who is out for herself, for what she believes in, and I don’t believe you can trust her unless your goals align with her, and then I think she would be a really powerful ally. She has a tremendous amount of money. She has a tremendous amount of determination. I think the only way to trust Carla is if you want the same thing she wants, and then I think you can. I wouldn’t put my faith in her. She would be the last person.

Big John tells Carla that he’ll take her to the shroud if she helps John B. Given her complications in working with John B and the Pogues, do you think she’s willing to work with them? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: I do. I think she’ll do anything. I think that’s what makes her interesting, and I think that’s what makes her dangerous. She has nothing to lose. I think she’ll work with anyone who promises her what she wants. To me, that is what makes her so incredibly dangerous. She’s like a wild animal backed into a corner. They’ll do anything to get out of it.

Her journey this season is very much getting her hands on that shroud. She thinks that the shroud can cure her. In her mind, do you think she really believes that? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: I think she truly does, and I have to think she’s not a dumb woman. She’s incredibly smart, so I think that it’s not just that she has some unshakable faith. She has documented and read evidence that it will. She has read about people being cured, read about diseases being cured, read about miracles that have happened. I think that with all of that documentation she’s decided that it will, and she believes it fully. Of course, that wishful thinking, that magical thinking that we do when all hope is lost is part of the equation for her. I engaged in that a tremendous amount. It allows me to do the things that Carla does. To behave in the way that she does, she ultimately thinks it’s for the greater good that she’s doing it, and all the little things that happen along the way are okay because this is for the greater good. She thinks she’s going to be able to do more good than anyone else. We delude ourselves when we’re in precarious situations, and I think that’s where she is. I mean, that’s the way I chose to approach it because her actions are reprehensible.

How do you think she’d react if the shroud doesn’t cure her?
Elizabeth Mitchell: I think she would be on to the next thing. I think that she is so desperate to be here. In my way of thinking in my life so far, there are people who will do anything to live, and there are people who are okay with leaving this earth. She is one of the do-anything people. I think she’s incredibly dangerous besides being entitled and malicious.

There was that really intense airport scene with Rafe, Renfield, and Carla. Carla’s not a fan of being betrayed, and she ends up killing Renfield. Do you think she regrets that at all? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: I think she clearly has a lot to hold against him. I mean, he was the product of an affair, and that means that her precious dad was wrong. I think that destroying the evidence of that as well as the fact that he betrayed her is on her mind. She’s also not particularly rational at this point. It may be that Carla goes back and says, “Oh, well, that probably was a mistake.” Or it may just be that she says, “He wasn’t worth anything. It’s okay that he’s gone.” The way she thinks is so alien to all of us. I do feel like she did warn him. I mean, she told him not to betray her and there’s nothing about her that you think to yourself, well, she’ll give me a pass on this one. I don’t even think she knows the word right.

After Carla kills Renfield, Rafe leaves her behind. How do you think she’s going to react when she finally gets her hands on him? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: She says, “Wherever you go, I will find you.” I think she means that.

Drew Starkey
Drew Starkey as Rafe in a scene from season 2. (Netflix)

I mean, maybe she’ll be the first person to really put him in his place.
Elizabeth Mitchell: She might be. I think she has the power to do so. Her family is powerful. She has money. I think that she possibly could.

Who do you think should ultimately be feared more: Carla or Ward? 
Elizabeth Mitchell: Ward is terrifying, and Ward’s not about to die. I’m going to put it out there for Ward.

The ending of season 2 leaves things wide open for season 3. If season 3 happens, what would you like to see explored with Carla that you maybe didn’t get a chance to in season 2?
Elizabeth Mitchell: What I always wish for with all my characters is that they go through a journey. That’s the most fun as an actor. It would be so fun for me if she were faced with what she’s done and had to be accountable for that. I can’t see that happening. It’s not that kind of a show, but that would be super fun for me. I always like it when my characters go on journeys, when they discover something, all of those things. But in lieu of that Elizabeth’s wish, which is all sweetness and light, I wish for action, a little bit more intrigue, and the treasure hunting aspect of it. It’s really fun for me. I’m a huge fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m a huge fan of anything where there’s a quest, so being part of that quest would be an absolute joy.

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