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Flared Jeans: Sophie Turner, Selena Gomez & More Stars Rocking The Retro Look



Sophie Turner

Flared jeans have been a timeless denim trend since the ’70s. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Dakota Johnson has rocked the retro style, but Sophie Turner wore a pair that had a modern take on the flared look!

When it comes to jeans, there are so many varieties to choose from. While many celebs have been rocking ripped jeans over the past year, another popular trend that has been taking the celeb set by storm is flared jeans and we are absolutely loving it. This ’70s-esque denim can be baggy or fitted and usually from the knee down, the jeans flare out into wide triangle hems.

We’ve put the spotlight on a few celebrities who took their streetwear ensembles to the next level by stepping out in flared jeans below. You can also check out HollywoodLife‘s attached gallery for even more examples of these spunky jeans!

Sophie Turner 

Sophie Turner rocked Kseniaschnaider’s Wader Jeans with a Orseund Iris tank top while carrying a By Far handbag amid an outing in West Hollywood on April 21, 2021. [MEGA]

So, these aren’t your average flared jeans. But the $410 “Wader Jeans” from the Ukraine label Kseniaschnaider that Sophie Turner wore to visit Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood on April 21, 2021 still fall under the “flared” denim category! They’re truly one of a kind: a panel of denim has been sewn over the slits of Sophie’s jeans, thus creating a balloon effect.

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas stuck to straight leg jeans with a faded gray bomber jacket, graphic tee, beaded mushroom necklace and Off-White sneakers. [MEGA]

Sophie, who was accompanied by her equally-fashionable husband Joe Jonas, paired these unique jeans with an $80 Orseund Iris tank top, $621 By Far purse and kitten heels in a matching lime key pie shade.

Selena Gomez

selena gomez
Selena Gomez stepped out for dinner at Nobu in NYC on Jan. 13 when she rocked a pair of high-waisted light-wash wide-leg jeans with a cream mock-neck NAKED Cashmere Joslyn Sweater in Chalk Plus tucked in, a pair of Roxanne Assoulin Hip-Hop But Not Crystal Earrings, a By Far Ball Croc-Effect Leather Tote Bag, & Yuul Yie Gloria Glam Heel Boots. (JosiahW / BACKGRID)

Selena Gomez, 27, stepped out for dinner at Nobu in NYC in Jan. 2020, rocking a pair of high-waisted light-wash wide-leg jeans with a cream mock-neck NAKED Cashmere Joslyn Sweater in Chalk Plus tucked in, a pair of Roxanne Assoulin Hip-Hop But Not Crystal Earrings, a By Far Ball Croc-Effect Leather Tote Bag, & Yuul Yie Gloria Glam Heel Boots. A day later, she looked just as amazing when she left Bang Bang tattoo parlor in NYC on Jan. 14, rocking a pastel rainbow Selena Gomez Rare Tie Dye Hoodie from her own album, “RARE,” which she styled with a pair of high-waisted, baggy wide-leg light wash jeans & big white Fenty Noodle Hoop Earrings.

Dakota Johnson

dakota johnson
Dakota Johnson was out in LA on July 6 rocking a tight black cropped T-shirt with a pair of dark-wash high-waisted full flare blue jeans, a red bandana around her face, a white Anya Hindmarch Neeson Hobo Bag, white leather Gucci Brixton Loafers, & a pair of Oliver Peoples Boudreau Sunglasses. (LESE/Bam / BACKGRID)

Dakota Johnson, 30, tried out the trend when she was out in LA in July of 2020 rocking a tight black cropped T-shirt with a pair of dark-wash high-waisted full flare blue jeans. The jeans were fitted around her tiny waist while the rest of the pants flowed out into flares. She accessorized her look with a red bandana around her face, a white Anya Hindmarch Neeson Hobo Bag, white leather Gucci Brixton Loafers, and a pair of Oliver Peoples Boudreau Sunglasses.

You can check out even more stars rocking the retro denim trend in HollywoodLife‘s gallery above, like Gigi Hadid, 25, who tried out the look when she headed to the restaurant L’Avenue at Saks in NYC in April of 2020. She opted to wear an Off-White metallic blue cropped blazer, showing off her tiny waist, paired with super baggy Off-White wide-leg jeans, which she accessorized with pointy-toed pumps, a BY FAR Allegra SS19 Bag, and a diamond Âme Totem Chain Cocktail Ring, proving that super baggy jeans can be dressed up.


‘Gossip Girl’ Fans Can’t Get Over How Penn Badgley’s ‘You’ Co-Star Looks Just Like Hilary Duff



Victoria Pedretti; Hilary Duff

Apparently Penn Badgley has a type! Twitter thinks his former ‘Gossip Girl’ lover, Hilary Duff, looks awfully similar to his ‘You’ wife, Victoria Pedretti.

Leave it to Twitter to come up with some wild Hollywood comparisons. In the week since You season 3 dropped on Netflix, fans have been tweeting that star Victoria Pedretti, 26, looks very similar to Hilary Duff, 34. And what makes this comparison even more noteworthy is that the two actresses have both been romantically involved on the small screen with none other than Penn Badgley, a.k.a Joe Goldberg in You, a.ka. Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. But let’s dive into these connections a little bit more, shall we?

Victoria Pedretti; Hilary Duff (Photo: Rob Latour/MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

So as any Gossip Girl fan knows, Penn, 34, rose to fame thanks to his performance in the hit teen drama. During season 3, he became romantically entangled with NYU beauty Olivia Burke, who is played by Hilary. The two had a brief, but memorable romance, which involved a threesome with Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Zhor). Hilary only played Olivia for six episodes before her storyline with Penn ended.

Now all these years later, Penn is back on the small screen as a psycho stalker-killer in Netflix’s hit You. Victoria was introduced in season 2 as Joe’s love interest, Love Quinn. The two develop a close bond (they’re both killers, after all!) and they get married and have a son once season 3 starts. Fans are now unapologetically comparing Victoria to Hilary in plenty of tweets, which is just hilarious considering their TV connection to Penn. Apparently this guy has a type when he’s at work!

On the screen, Penn clearly has a type. But his lover in real life is much different than either Victoria or Hilary, though not in a bad way! Penn married singer Domino Kirke, 37, in a super secret ceremony at a courthouse in Brooklyn, NY on February 27, 2017. When they tied the knot, Penn became a stepdad to Domino’s son Cassius, 12, whom she shares with ex Morgan O’Kane.

Penn and Domino later expanded their family when they welcomed their first child together, son James Badgley, in Aug. 2020. Penn has absolutely adored fatherhood, and he spends lots of time with his son. Except for when he’s killing as Joe Goldberg, of course.

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Angelina Jolie In ‘Super Isolation’ After COVID-19 Exposure At ‘Eternals’ Premiere She Attended With Kids



Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie brought along five of her six children to the Marvel event in Los Angeles, where she, along with several co-stars, were reportedly exposed to COVID.

Angelina Jolie, 46, was one of several people to reportedly be exposed to COVID-19 at Marvel’s Eternals premiere in Los Angeles on Oct. 18, according to Variety. The actress attended the star-studded event with five out of her six children — but now she is in “super isolation” along with co-stars Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and Lauren Ridloff, as well as director Chloe Zhao. All five women had to miss the Elle’s “Women in Hollywood” event on Tuesday, where editor-in-chief Nina Garcia reportedly told the audience the the group was “just exposed, so to keep everyone safe those superheroes are now in super isolation.”

Angelina Jolie at the ‘Eternals’ premiere in Los Angeles on October 18, 2021 (Photo:Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Disney also confirmed the possible exposures to Variety. A spokesperson said that while the premiere attendees have tested negative for COVID-19, the entire Eternals cast — which also includes Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani and more — will be “pivoting to virtual appearances rather than in-person events” to promote the new action film, which arrives in theaters on November 5.

It remains unclear how the cast members were exposed to COVID-19. It’s also unknown if guests at the event, including Angelina’s kids, are in isolation as well. The Maleficent star had brought along Maddox, 20, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, Vivienne, 13, and Knox, 13, to the big event. Only Pax, 17, did not attend the outing with his famous mother, who shares all six of the kids with ex Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie and her kids
Angelina Jolie and her kids at the ‘Eternals’ premiere on October 18, 2021 (Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

At the Eternals premiere, Angelina rocked a stunning, strapless brown draped Balmain Resort 2022 gown. She also wore a gold chin cuff that was fastened between the inside of her bottom lip and all the way around the bottom of her chin. She posed for many photos on the carpet with the five kids, as well as with her fellow castmates.

Angelina stars in the Marvel movie as Thena, a fierce warrior Eternal who can form any weapon out of cosmic energy. While the film isn’t out yet, reports have said that Harry Styles (!) appears as Eros — though this has yet to be confirmed by the heads of Marvel/Disney.

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Eros: 5 Things To Know About The Superhero Harry Styles Is Reportedly Playing In ‘Eternals’



Harry Styles

Eros is a Marvel character you may need to keep your eye on. Here are 5 key things to know about the superhero Harry Styles might be playing in ‘Eternals.’

Marvel fans are very curious to know if Harry Styles is coming to the MCU. The “Watermelon Sugar” singer is reportedly playing Eros in the upcoming movie Eternals, according to Variety. HollywoodLife has reached out to Disney and Harry’s team for comment. 

While the news has not been confirmed by the heads of Marvel/Disney, Eros is a fascinating character from the Marvel comics. In Greek philosophy, Eros is the god of love and sex. So, who exactly is Eros in the Marvel world? HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things about Eros.

Harry Styles at the ‘Dunkirk’ premiere. (Shutterstock)

1. Eros is Thanos’ brother.

“Eros grew up on Titan alongside his brother Thanos, embracing all the pleasures that life has to offer,” the character’s official Marvel bio reads. Every Marvel fan remembers Thanos, the supervillain who turned half the population to dust with the snap of his fingers after getting all of the Infinity Stones. Thanos was defeated in Avengers: Endgame, but his impact is still felt within the MCU.

2. Eros is an Eternal.

The Eternals are taking center stage in the upcoming movie. Eternals are god-like immortals created by the Celestials who have settled in various places around the universe. When it comes to Eros, the superhero can “harness cosmic energy for various purposes.” Eros also has “superhuman strength (Class 25), durability, metabolism, and regenerative powers,” according to Marvel’s bio.

He is “immune to terrestrial disease, he is practically immortal, and also ages far more slowly than most humanoids; he is over 1000 years old.” The character also has the “ability to stimulate the pleasure centers in other people’s brains, often emitted unconsciously, causing a euphoric effect.”

3. Eros later goes by Starfox.

In the comics, Eros eventually leaves Titan for Earth and joins the Avengers. He has teamed up with the Avengers, the Guardians, and the Dark Guardians against his brother Thanos. His name is eventually changed to Starfox when he becomes an Avenger.

4. Harry has been rumored to be playing Eros for a while.

Rumors have swirled for months that the Grammy winner may be joining the MCU. Kit Harington, who stars in Eternals as Dane Whitman, addressed the speculation on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in August 2021 and stayed tight-lipped, as usual. “I have no idea,” Kit said about the rumor. “Unless I’ve been recast and he’s playing my part, I have not a clue.”

The cast of ‘Eternals.’ (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Marvel Studios/Everett)

When Jimmy asked if Kit and Harry did scenes separately, the Game of Thrones alum responded, “No comment.” He also added, “I hear he’s a great guy. Lovely chap, I think. I don’t know, I’ve never met the guy.”

5. Eros was first introduced in 1973.

Eros makes his first appearance in the Marvel comics in a February 1973 edition of Iron Man. The character was created by Jim Starlin.

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