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Amazon Has All Your Favorite Hair Products



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True story: I once ordered a hair cream from Amazon, watched it on the live map to see how close it was to arriving for a full day, only to realize that I already had it in my beauty cupboard. The lesson here could be that I should be a little more detail-oriented before clicking “purchase,” but I like to think that the true message is that Amazon is stocked with some of the best hair products on the market. Some of the world’s most beloved products are available Same Day Delivery (also known as Instant gratification), or will at least arrive to you before the end of the week. From low-cost buys to mega investments, you’ll find a hair product on Amazon that will save your hair– and probably your sanity, too. Whether you’re a curly girl who seeks the Holy Grail, or bleach has transformed your hair, but not in a good way, there is a hair product for you…on Amazon. Below, find 25 of the best-loved, most effective, and life-changing hair products that you can order on Next Day Delivery.


Leave-In Conditioner

Forget in-depth styling, just a couple sprays of this product will make your tresses hydrated, more manageable, and soft as can be. When I’m too lazy to break out my blow dryer, this product gets me through.


Treatment Hair Oil



Don’t be mean to your hair and let it die of thirst. Rub a couple drops of this oil in your palms, and run it through your dead ends and flyaways. 


Coconut and Hibiscus Conditioner



For damaged, dry, or just hair you want to give a treat to, this conditioner is not only insanely hydrating, but it also smells like a tropical vacation.


Dream Coat Supernatural Spray



So you want to give yourself a blowout but what you’re doing instead is giving yourself a head of mega frizz? Spray this on wet hair before styling for a smooth, shiny finish that actually looks professionally done.


Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse

For curls that need volume and definition, this mousse will do that without too much crunch, weird flakes, or that uncomfortable brittle feeling.


Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment



So you’ve mistreated your hair, now what? Well you could chop it all off, or you could douse it in this treatment cream for an hour, rinse it out, and find out that your hair is actually salvageable. 


High Dive Moisture and Shine Crème

For styling brittle and damaged hair (thanks, flat irons and chemicals), a small dose of this hair cream will smooth flyaways and give your hair some of that healthy shine back.


Dry Shampoo Powder with Oat Milk



Taking a shower is drab, putting this dry shampoo in your roots is fab. This spray is my go-to for days when my oily scalp is ruining the vibe. For my brunettes out there, it doesn’t leave that awful gray cast on your locks either.


Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment Hair Mask

Sol de Janeiro


To really give your hair some TLC, throw this on your shampooed locks in the shower for ten minutes in lieu of conditioner. The smell is so good you might be tempted to damage your hair just so you have an excuse to use this again.


Dry Texturizing Spray

Let’s just say it: Curling irons are confusing and hard to use. Get the same beachy look without burning yourself with this texturizing spray.  


Hydrate Moisturizing Vegan Shampoo



If a bleach sesh with your colorist has left you with straw-like hair (Hey! No judgement! Get that new ‘do), you probably need to pick up a hydrating shampoo that will make your hair feel hydrated and loved for the first time in…let’s say a while.


Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray

Look, I get it. I can’t break up with my flat iron either. Not only does this spray protect your hair from burns, but it also helps your style last longer, which means you have to use heat on it less. A win-win!


Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub

If your scalp is itch-central, don’t worry you don’t have lice. But you might have build-up from all those products you’ve layered on and not properly cleansed off. This scrub will give your scalp the care it needs, while also giving some relief from that awful itchiness.


Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask



You love face masks, so make a day out of it and give your hair a mask, too. This one has moisturizing argan oil in it to give your hair that hydration it’s been craving.


Hair Thickening Spray



If your hair is lanky and a little limp, this volumizing spray adds thickness and body where it’s lacking. Don’t worry, it won’t weigh down your hair or leave a weird residue, either.


Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

So you’ve decided to be braver than me and become a blonde. Congratulations! To keep those locks icy rather than spray-tan-gone-bad orange, this purple shampoo gets rid of yucky brass tones for look that says, “I just left the salon ten minutes ago.”


Straight & Smooth Spray

If you’ve invested in a high quality hot tool, which I recommend, best pair that with a high-end heat protection spray too. This one from ghd will make sure you don’t fry off your hair in the pursuit of glam styles.


Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel



Curly girls know that sometimes the only thing standing between you and a bad hair day is quality gel. This one is lightweight but still adds definition without flaking or otherwise being a pain to use.


Full Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof


For runway-ready bounce, this spray should be spritzed on before styling for sky-high levels of volume. Hair so big, it’s full of secrets.


25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

For me, detangling is a painful, awful process that takes forever and transports me to my childhood in a bad way. This detangling and leave-in conditioner spray makes it a breeze, while adding hydration and shine. 


Cold Processed Hair Cleanse



The favorite of beauty editors around the globe, this shampoo gives a plant-based cleanse without stripping or disrupting your natural texture.


Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray

So you’ve styled your hair. Now what? This spray gives hold to your hair so your newly minted curls don’t fall out immediately, while offering volume and humidity resistance. So now when your boyfriend opens the car windows after a blow dry you don’t have to start a fight with him. (Just me?)


Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

So you have a little dandruff. Ain’t no shame. We all get it from time to time. This shampoo works hard so you don’t have to have a panic attack that you have snowflakes on your shoulders.


Curl Shaper Take Shape Plumping + Defining Cream

Your girls want to become perfect spirals, so let them! This shaping cream gives them the moisture that most curls lack, while offering volume and definition.


LOVE Smoothing Conditioner



If you don’t want your hair to have a mind of its own–rebel without a cause is so been there, done that–this smoothing and taming shampoo is like a bootcamp for troubles tresses. 

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Everything You Should Shop Ahead of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale



Everything You Should Shop Ahead of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom lovers rejoice because the 2021 Anniversary Sale is practically here. The annual sale from everyone’s favorite department store officially kicks off on July 28th and lasts until August 8th, but if you’re one of the lucky folks with a Nordstrom card sitting pretty in your wallet, you’ll be able to dive into the once-a-year sale earlier than the rest of us on July 12th. This year’s sale includes over 100 new brands like Nécessaire, BDG Urban Outfitters, Dyson, and favorites like Nike, UGG, Zella, Barefoot Dreams, and more. To say we’re excited would be an understatement.

To guide you through the depths of the Anniversary Sale section, I present to you 24 of the best fashion deals that Nordstrom teased early that you can add to your wish list. Feel free to bookmark this page as we’ll continually update this article with our favorite items as we get closer to the big day. Let the shopping commence!


Quay Australia x Lizzo Icy 58mm Gradient Square Sunglasses



$55.00 $35.90 (35% off)

Not to quote the queen Lizzo herself, but these sunglasses will have you looking good as hell. She also happens to be a Quay partner. 


Genuine Shearling Slipper


$100.00 $69.90 (30% off)

Few pairs of shoes are superior to Ugg’s cozy slippers. 


Everyday Poplin Shirt


$69 $45.90 (35% off)

Buy these in bulk, because you can never have too many crisp white button-downs. 


Cassie Slide Sandal


$428.00 $299.90 (30% off)

Your favorite pair of strappy black sandals just got a futuristic upgrade. 


Marlow Leather Crossbody Bag



$195 $99.90 (49% off)

There’s no better time than now to get half off Coach classics. 


Queen Crest Boyfriend Tee


$69.00 $44.90 (35% off)

Cool enough to wear out and about, but comfy enough to lounge in all day long. It’s the ultimate staple. 


Set of 2 Polished & Pavé Hoop Earrings


$72.00 $48.90 (32% off)

There’s no such thing as owning too many pairs of hoop earrings, especially when they come with this much shine and sparkle. 


UltraBoost DNA Running Shoe


$180.00 $119.90 (33% off)

The Meghan Markle-approved running shoe is the perfect blend of streetwear and athleisure. 


Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra


$68.00 $44.90 (34% off)

With more than 3,000 glowing reviews, Natori’s Feathers Underwire Contour bra is a balance between sexy and comfortable. 


Sterling Silver Baguette Band


$98.00 $59.90 (39% off)

Editor’s note: I own this ring from Argento Vivo, and after seeing this on-sale option, I might add one more to my collection so I can stack them together. 


Rochester Faux Leather Ruched Dress


$89.00 $54.90 (38% off)

It’s everything you love about a little black dress but in faux leather. Also, the drawstring ruching at the sides turns this from a mini dress to-knee-length ensemble in a snap.


Berlin Satin Midi Skirt


$158.00 $99.90 (37% off)

Elevate your midi skirt game with this paisley option from Southern California brand Rails.


Satin Camp Button-Up Shirt


$49.00 $29.90 (39% off)

A classic button-up you’ll find yourself turning to over and over again.  


51mm Square Sunglasses


$161.00 $99.90 (38% off)

The kind of shades you’ll wear years from now. 


Boss Split Hem Faux Suede Pants



$185.00 $119.90 (35% off)

The perfect day-to-night pant doesn’t exi—. 


Edbury Leather Shoulder Bag


$329.00 $196.90 (40% off)

Geometric shaped handbags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and this triangular style is too good to pass up. 


Retha Side Stripe Sweater


$395.00 $259.90 (34% off)

A mock-neck sweater with a bit of sporty feel thanks to its contrasting stripes on the sides. 


Bellissima Round Bracelet Watch


$475.00 $314.90 (34% off)

Looking to treat yourself? This water-resistant timepiece from the Swiss brand, Tissot, is a gorgeous place to start.  


Zebra Print Long Sleeve Midi Dress


$175.00 $104.90 (40% off)

Wear this with sneakers now, and then switch it up with a boots and tights combo once it gets a little cooler. 


Hayle Platform Chelsea Boot


$119.95 $79.90 (33% off)

Remember how I said to pair that dress with a pair of boots? This style would look stellar styled with that midi. 


Le High Waist Flare Jeans



$228.00 $149.90 (34% off)

Celebrity-loved label FRAME is hardly ever on sale, making this ’70s inspired pair of jeans a must-have. 


CozyChic Ribbed Robe


$118.00 $69.90 (41% off)

I present to you the comfiest robe ever that won’t shrink or pill (even after hours of binge-watching Netflix.) 


Alta Textured Chain Link Bracelet


$135.00 $89.90 (33% off)

A chain bracelet so nice, you won’t even think about taking it off. 


Quilted Hooded Jacket



$128.00 $69.90 (45% off)

A light enough jacket you can wear right now that can also easily be layered come fall. Talk about the best of both worlds. 


Emlen Chain Loafer


$149.95 $89.90 (40% off)

The best kind of back-to-the-office piece. If light pink isn’t your style, this loafer also comes in black and white.  


Live In High Waist Pocket Bike Shorts


$49.00 $29.90 (39% off)

Biker shorts so comfy you’ll find yourself wearing them everywhere.


Double Breasted Faux Leather Trench Coat


$199.00 $129.90 (35% off)

A faux leather trench coat never goes out of style. This design comes with a removable belt so that you can adjust the fit to your liking. 

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The 27 Best (and Sexiest) Underwear Styles For Every Occasion



best undies


Every situation calls for a different pair of underwear. You’d never wear your workday thong on weekend errands, or your gym hipsters to the office. And while we honestly believe granny panties are sexy, that iconic scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary is all too relatable. But after a year stuck in the house dressing up in oversized sweaters and hoodies, it’s time to hit the refresh button on your top drawer. We’re sure some pairs have overstayed their welcome and you need to get rid of styles you haven’t reached for in years. From anti-VPL thongs to leakproof underthings that will save you the embarrassment, these are the absolute best underwear for every need.

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Best For Heavy Flow

French Cut

Thinx has every style of panty you can think of to match your flow—yes, that flow.

Best Breathable Underwear

Beyondsoft Panties

Fruit of the Loom


Your golden treasure deserves to breathe outside of beauty sleep hours. Fruit of the Loom made it easy for you with these super soft panties that make you feel like you’ve gone incognito. 

Best for Lounging

Boyleg Brief



You’ll never want to take these briefs off—though you should—thanks to its comfortable, plush bamboo viscose fabric with the right amount of stretch you hug your body.

Best For Menopause

Leakproof High Rise

Live a worry- and leak-free life in your Knix panties. This version was designed specifically for those who don’t allow experiencing incontinence to slow them down.

Best Cheeky

Lace Back Cheeky



ThirdLove is known more for their great bras, but do not skip their underwear selection. Their top-rated cheeky fits like a dream.

Best Inclusive

Nude Floral Lace & Mesh Thong Dark Cocoa Curvy

Love, Vera


Lova, Vera understands that nude isn’t always one-color-fits-all. Best known for their inclusive range of lingerie and undergarments, Love, Vera has panties to match deep complexions who are often left out of the nude conversation.

Mesh Crotchless High Leg Bikini

Savage X offers just about every pair of underwear for every occasion but here’s one that does all the talking so you don’t have to.

Best for Deep Complexions

Plumetis High-Waist Brief

Nubian Skin


As the name suggests, Nubian Skin caters to the deeper tones on the complexion spectrum by providing seamless underwear for those barely-there dress moments.

Best for the 70s Obsessed

Gathered Mini Briefs

& Other Stories


Little House on the Prairies—but make it undergarments.

4-pack Mesh Thong Briefs

H&M’s pack deals are is the best bang for your buck.



If you’re searching for a no-frills undergarment, look to Everlane. Their lightweight line has you (and your booty) covered. 

Best Seamless Underwear

Stretch Thong



This underwear is used by legit fashion stylists for photo shoots and red carpets, so you know it’s going to be good. It’s the next best thing to going Commando, hence the brand’s name. Seriously, you might have a midday anxiety attack, because these trick you into thinking you forgot to wear underwear to work. 

Best Organic Cotton

Organic Pima Cotton Bikini



For the most breathable, sustainable option, always reach for 100% cotton, and no one does it better than Skin. Their super soft offerings feel barely there. 

Best Everyday Thong

Signature Lace Low Rise Thong

Hanky Panky


I know more than a few editors who refuse to wear anything other than Hanky Panky’s lace thong. It’s the ultimate go-to underwear that doesn’t ride up or cinch your waist. 

Best G-String

Naked String Thong

G-strings are known for being unbearable, but I love Kim Kardashian’s Skims thongs. They are the ultimate antidote to VPL. The straps stay put, and they don’t dig in to your waist. 

Best Mesh Thong

Soire Sheer G-String



This is your secret weapon: it’s sexy, comfortable and breathable enough to last all day—and night. 

Best Lightweight Bikini

Mesh Bikini

On Gossamer


The mesh fabric is so breezy, you feel like you’re wearing nothing. 

Best Shaping Thong

Seamlessly Shaped Ultralight Thong



If you want a shaper that still feels like actual underwear, try Yummie’s popular thongs. 

Best Shaping Underwear

High Power Shaper Underwear



Spanx’ ultra-high shaper is great for slinky cami dresses. 

Best Boxer Briefs for Women

Femme Boxer

Richer Poorer


For fuller coverage, opt for a boxer made for women. 

Best Boy Brief

Mesh Palm Lace Boybrief Underwear

I’ve been buying the Boybriefs from Aerie for over a decade, they’re that good. 

Best Budget French-Cut

Jockey Women’s Plus Size Elance Brief 3-Pack, White/White/White, 8 (2XL)


Carrie Bradshaw would approve of these ugly-cute whitie tighties.  

Best French Cut

Whisper high cut brief

Only Hearts


When it comes to the thigh-high french cut, no one does it better than Only Hearts.

Best Retro Feel

Black Romance String Panty

Hello Beautiful


The French cut + rosette combo on this sweet pair reminds us of ’90s romance. 

Best Running Underwear

Cotton Purestretch Hipster

New Balance


With sweat-wicking power and the inability to bunch, these hipsters are ideal for marathoners.  

Best Workout Thong

Women’s UA Pure Stretch Thong Underwear 3-Pack

Under Armour


If you prefer to bench press in thongs, get these. 

Best Crotchless Panties

Goodnight Kiss Crotchless Boyshort

Oh Là Là Chéri


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Everlane’s Summer Sale Includes the Best Minimalist Basics



Everlane's Summer Sale Includes the Best Minimalist Basics

Everlane shoppers know a few truths to be certain. First, the brand’s minimalist basics serve luxury-level quality—and they have the product waiting lists to prove it. Second, those Everlane basics rarely go on sale.

But discount rules were made to be broken, even at this cult-favorite brand. Everlane is hosting a massive summer sale where every piece is fair game. The perfect cropped t-shirt? It’s in the mix. The oversized blazer? The wear-everywhere jeans? All present and awaiting your “add to cart.” If there’s a closet staple you’re ready to refresh, you’ll find it here.

To build your ultimate capsule wardrobe in minutes, shop our favorite picks from the Everlane sale lineup ahead. But remember, Everlane’s summer sale runs only as long as there’s inventory. Once those closet essentials are gone, they’re gone.


The Japanese GoWeave Slip Dress


$98 $78

During peak summer, this casual slip dress is a standalone essential. Come fall, it’s a match made in layering heaven with a long sleeve bodysuit and boots.


The Washable Silk Wrap Top


$110 $55

You’ll get weeks of work outfit mileage out of this washable silk blouse. Don’t forget the new bag to match.


The Cheeky Bootcut Jean


$85 $34

If you want to understand the Everlane hype, head straight to the denim section. This bootcut pair has structure with a hint of stretch, and the wash won’t fade.


The Italian ReWool Overcoat


$298 $119

You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality with this wear-everywhere jacket. Everlane’s update to the classic wool coat includes a slightly oversized fit and recycled fabric. 


The Stretch Ponte Crop Pant


$78 $39

Until the debate over leggings as pants comes to a definitive end, a ponte pant is comfortable middle ground. 


The Organic Cotton Cropped Tee


$18 $15

The wardrobe limit on boxy cropped tees simply doesn’t exist.


The V-Neck One-Piece


$65 $55

It’s not often that you find a bestselling basic swimsuit on sale.  


The Luxe Cotton Side-Slit Tee Dress


$50 $35 

Between the ultra-soft cotton and the subtle slit, this Everlane staple is a step up from a typical t-shirt dress.


The Easy Blazer


$128 $102

Two words guaranteed to solve an outfit rut? Oversized. Blazer.


The Italian Merino Rib Turtleneck


$90 $36

All the comfort of a go-to wool turtleneck, minus the bulk of a heavy sweater.


The Curvy Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean


$68 $47

Tune out any talk of a skinny jean apocalypse. This curve-friendly denim, complete with a waist-gap reducing fit, will last in your wardrobe for years.


The Glove Boot ReKnit


$115 $69

Footwear trends come and go, but an ankle boot is forever.


The Cashmere Crew


$100 $70

Tie it over your shoulders, tuck it into a skirt, or incorporate it into your loungewear wardrobe. Whatever your cozy dressing preference, this butter soft cashmere can do it all. Oh, and it comes in 13 shades. 


The Denim Chore Jacket


$88 $35 

This jacket will be your go-to outer layer by fall. Our favorite feature? Those roomy pockets.


The Square Toe Slingback


$165 $82

Every capsule wardrobe needs a hero low heel. We’re partial to this modern slingback.

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