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Drew Barrymore Looks Back On Her Best Beauty Moments From Over the Years



drew barrymore


Welcome to Legends Only, a look back at the best beauty moments from our favorite celebrity legends. First up, Drew Barrymore, who walks us through her archive of hair and makeup transformations— from the 1983 Golden Globes to her full throttle look for Charlie’s Angels, here are the stories behind the glam.

After decades of being a beauty chameleon, Drew Barrymore has finally committed to a look she truly loves. “I’ve fried my hair,” she says with a laugh over the phone. “I’ve cut it off and regrown it what feels like thousand times. I’m finished, but I am so glad I played. This is it.”

The “this” that she’s referring to is a look that deserves its very own talk show: Glossy, amber-brown waves that are parted down the middle with loose boho waves that follow.

The latest hair transformation is also fitting for another one of her new gigs. The Flower Beauty founder— and host of her eponymous daytime television show—has just joined the Garnier family as the creative director and spokesperson of Garnier’s clean Whole Blends Sulfate-Free Remedy haircare collection. The collaboration was organic—Barrymore first started gushing about the brand during 2020’s Beauty Junkie Week, “completely unsolicited,” she adds. Then, the brand reached out to the star and thus began the match made in hair heaven. And while Barrymore’s current look might be “it” for a long time, that hasn’t stopped her from creating some of the most iconic and recreated beauty looks of the 21st century.

Below, Barrymore reminisces with us about six of her most memorable beauty moments—starting with an adorable red carpet moment when she was just seven to her current 2021 working-girl vibe.

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The Golden Globe Awards, 1983

“My mom used to get all of my clothing from Bonnie’s Wee Shop on San Vicente in Los Angeles. This dress came with a matching sequined comb that I have in my hair.

I’m wearing makeup, which I insisted on as a form of rebellion. My parents wouldn’t let me wear it as a kid, even though I was wearing it on set for work. Because of that, I started doing eye shadows to my hairline and going crazy with the makeup any chance I could get.”

The Academy Awards, 1998

“I didn’t feel very confident with this haircut, but now looking back on it, I love it. This was before there was so much scrutiny about everybody’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and I thought that I should wear what I wore in normal life to the Academy Awards. So I picked up some Marguerite daisies from the bodega and put on a ton of body glitter. I’m also a huge fan of a brick red lip because it really warms up your face. I can only imagine what people would have said about this look today.”

“Ever After: A Cinderella Story,” 1998

“I fought really hard for Cinderella in Ever After to be a brunette—and I am really lucky because the studio let me make the call on it. All past versions of this story are about this beautiful creature with blonde allure, but I wanted this one to be about someone who was both smart and capable. And it worked out really well, because the stepsister Marguerite, ended up being a blonde.

The front is my natural hair, but then it’s braided into a really long piece. It was the best way to keep my natural hairline while still having the super-long hair.”

“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” New York City Premiere Pre-Party, 2003

“I rented a bus for me, Cameron [Diaz], and Lucy [Liu] to take to the premiere of the second Charlie’s Angels. I told them it was this really awesome bus with rubber chickens and Christmas lights and they somehow agreed to ride on it, which is crazy. Well, it broke down on the side of the road. The hood was smoking, but we didn’t care because we had this cooler of fabulous Champagne, and Cameron knows how to open a bottle with a knife, so she opened up the champers and we just walked from there!

This was a big eye moment for me, which I am usually hesitant of because my eyes are uneven. But makeup artist Gucci Westman knows my face and just went to town. The waves are my natural texture. I had just finished filming 50 First Dates so this look is really Lucy from ’50 First Dates’ meets Dylan from Charlies Angels.”

The Golden Globes, 2010

“I love this look so much, it’s the ultimate red carpet moment of my life. Lee Harris—my stylist who I have worked with forever—had this dress made for me at Versace.

Everything about this beauty look was about not trying. This was me pared-down and effortless, Drew being Drew. And I love this lip, which is pink with just a touch of berry in it—I spend a lot of time formulating pink lipsticks for Flower Beauty because I think they can wash you out. They need to have a touch of berry, apricot, or brown in them.”

First Day of The Drew Barrymore Show, 2020

“These waves are the work of Daniel Howell. I love the middle part, because it goes with the whole Charlie girl-slash-old Chloe vibe that Lee Harris and I came up with for the wardrobe. I love that it’s classic and timeless, and it has a lot of movement to it—I could be in the ’70s, but I also fit in right now. As rebellious as I am, I still have moments where I want pretty girl hair. This is one of those moments come true.”

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First-Gen Immigrant Filmmakers Are Redefining the American Family Onscreen



minari00195ralan s kim, steven yeundirector lee isaac chungcredit melissa lukenbaugha24

Westport, Conn. is the 19th richest community in America. It’s where some of my middle school and junior high classmates lived and it’s where my Jamaican grandma cleaned homes for years. I attended countless birthday parties and sleepovers in the same neighborhood where I would accompany my mom’s mom on the job when mine was away at her own. I preoccupied myself with books and schoolwork as she scrubbed, sponged, mopped, and polished interiors that dwarfed our six-person family’s three-bedroom apartment in Bridgeport. All of this was a slice of my so-called American life, my normal.

These memories resurfaced as I watched seven-year-old David (Alan Kim) and his sister Anne (Noel Kate Cho), fictional siblings in the film Minari, settle into a nondescript factory room with their books as their Korean parents distinguished the sex of day-old chickens for a modest income a few rooms away. And then again, as I watched Angolan expat Walter (The Chi’s Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine) attempt to reconnect with his estranged daughter Sylvia (Jayme Lawson) in the same yellow cab that, after 17 years, earned him enough to help her and her mother immigrate to his Brooklyn home in Farewell Amor. Both films revive the canon of American family drama that prioritizes nuanced, non-white immigrant narratives and redefines the American dream.

Minari has been making headlines since it won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, and appears to be a frontunner at this year’s Oscar ceremony following seven nominations including Best Picture. Motivated to provide a legacy for his young daughter, filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung mined his childhood experiences coming of age in the 1980s as a first-generation Korean-American raised on a small farm in Lincoln, Arkansas. He recalled listing ‘80 visual memories—the family facing a tornado warning only a week into their arrival; his mother laying down calendar paper in a clothing drawer; shaking his head, not his toothbrush, to clean his teeth—to inform his powerful, deeply personal semi-autobiographical feature.

To animate his recollections, the director-writer does the difficult yet necessary work of fleshing out each Yi family member: There’s David, the mischievous young boy adjusting to his new surroundings and tumultuous family dynamics; Anne, the slightly older responsible sister whose co-parenting tendencies camouflage her justified anxieties; David (The Walking Dead and Burning’s Steven Yeun), the entrepreneurial patriarch hellbent on growing a small, commercially-viable Korean produce farm, even if it means shattering his family unit in the process; Monica (Yeri Han), his devout wife, whose sacrifices for her husband deepen their rift and isolate her from the religious and social communities that shape her identity; and Soonja (Youn Yuh-jung), Monica’s mother, who moves from Korea into the family’s rundown trailer, matching David’s mischief and inspiring her grandson to live life to the fullest. Powering these fully developed characters are insightful references to Monica and David’s marriage story—“You two used to love this song,” Soonja says. “They come to America and forget everything”—an unexpected plot point that infuses delicate notes of love, joy, and heartache. These all-or-nothing stakes illustrate the self-destructive nature of blind ambition and expectations.

Alan Kim and Steven Yeun in Minari.

Melissa Lukenbaugh

“Even if I fail, I have to finish what I started.” David ejects during a pivotal scene where he stands to lose the same family for which he’s killing himself to provide a “better life.” The film’s final act culminates in an explosive event that shows just how far he’s willing to go.

The lush, bucolic Arkansas also serves as a character, providing a classic Americana backdrop and agricultural storyline that culminates in quiet defiance of commonplace portrayals of inner-city Chinatowns, British neighborhoods, and international Asian countries. Yes, Asian immigrants were based in those areas, but what about elsewhere? In fact, it’s beside a creek buried deep inside the Yi’s pastoral land where Soonja spreads her minari seeds and educates David about the resilient Korean herb’s ability to grow almost anywhere.

“It’s only found in the U.S. if people plant it here [with seeds they brought from] Korea,” Chung said at Sundance last year. “It was the only thing that thrived.”

It’s not that Minari is one of the first non-adapted films to focus on immigrants of color whose experiences interrogate an American dream founded on working hard to provide a better life for one’s self and family. We’ve seen this narrative pioneered before, with original stories like Patricia Cardoso’s 2002 Real Women Have Curves, Ramin Bahrani’s 2005 Man Push Cart, Andrew Dosunmu’s 2013 Mother of George, and Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon’s 2017 The Big Sick. But Minari is one of the only (if not, the only) original American screenplays to spotlight an Asian-American immigrant family, period.

If an irreversible rupture looms above the Yi family in Minari, then Ekwa Msangi’s feature directorial film debut, Farewell Amor, begins in the shattered aftermath. Her story takes place during the late 2000s in New York City, specifically Brooklyn, home to one of the nation’s largest, most multicultural immigrant populations. We first meet husband and wife Walter and Esther (Zainab Jah) and their adolescent daughter Sylvia at the arrivals welcome section in John F. Kennedy airport. For almost 20 years, Walter has been separated from both his homeland of Angola and his exiled wife and daughter. This might as well be their first time meeting, because, as the film quickly proves, time bears painful change.

For inspiration, Msangi looked to a close relative who, to date, hasn’t seen his family since the mid-‘90s due to visa and immigration issues, but has kept in touch through the decades and sent enough savings to build a house and send his son through college. “Despite their hopefulness to one day reunite, I often wonder what a reunion would actually look like after so many years apart,” Msangi said in her director’s statement. “How would they relate to one another? What scars would the distance have left on them? And what of their child who was five months old when his father initially left?” The Tanzanian-American filmmaker also spotted an opportunity to showcase Black love, longing, and relationships in an African immigrant context, a rarity in film that she attributes to “religious reasons, among many others.”

farewell amor

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine and Jayme Lawson in Farewell Amor.

IFC Films

Msangi doesn’t vilify or condemn the husband and father for his relationship with Linda, even as knowledge of it threatens to destroy the brittle relations inside his first family. Nor does she ridicule or pigeonhole Esther as solely an unworldly, naive zealot or a stereotypically overbearing African immigrant mother. Instead, Msangi’s sensitive lens merely shows each character’s past, present, and ideal future selves clashing in real and devastating ways.

The family’s saving grace comes with Sylvia’s perspective, one in which she harbors an inextinguishable love for dance, a passion she unknowingly inherited from her parents, who shelter their own desires for the sake of coping with post-war trauma and making it in America. This theme of dancing and intergenerational muscle memory ultimately becomes a conduit for open, honest communication and radical forgiveness, both for family and for self, pointing to a hopeful reconciliation and restoration of a once fragmented family.

“This place is really hard for Black people, especially foreigners,” Walter tells his daughter after walking in on her practicing a routine in her bedroom. Dancing, he reveals, “is the one place where I can actually be myself. Show myself.”

While the films vastly differ in time period, location, and racial identity, both Minari and Farewell Amor propose the revolutionary act of not assimilating, but quilting together personal experiences defined by love, joy, heartache, trauma, and distinctive cultures shaped by home, both new and old, familiar and foreign. They counter the steely, back-breaking myth of the American dream with the soft, flexible salve of self-determination, self-acceptance, and self-care, whether in the form of working the land, competing in a dance competition, or reconstructing a relationship. Complex immigrant narratives, particularly those told by and portraying immigrants of color in unexpected locations and genres, have the power to normalize and validate the experiences of a rapidly growing American demographic and redefine a more inclusive, compassionate dream for all.

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All About Ashley Olsen’s Boyfriend Louis Eisner, the Artist She’s Been Low-Key Dating for Years



All About Ashley Olsen's Boyfriend Louis Eisner, the Artist She's Been Low-Key Dating for Years

Ashley Olsen and her twin Mary-Kate Olsen have kept their lives as private as two world-famous child stars-turned-adult designers can manage. But while the girls haven’t spoken about their love lives, the tabloids and paparazzi have gotten some details on who they’re with. Mary-Kate has been married to Olivier Sarkozy since 2015 but requested an emergency divorce in May 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. That divorce was finalized in January 2021.

Ashley, meanwhile, is currently dating a 32-year-old artist, Louis Eisner. The two have been photographed together a couple times. After nearly a year not being seen, they signaled their relationship is still on and strong this past Sunday when they were photographed out in New York City on a date.

Here, details on who Eisner is along with his and Ashley’s dating history.

What does Louis Eisner do?

Eisner is a bicoastal artist who grew up in California. His mother Lisa is a famous fashion photographer and jewelry designer, so there’s art in his blood. He wrote a glowing caption about her on his Instagram last Mother’s Day. “You gave me life and also taught me how to find its magical beauty,” he wrote to her. “Forever thankful to you and all the mothers in the world.”

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He was featured in Interview back in December 2010, where the outlet noted that Eisner went to Columbia University and studied art history. He was part of Still House Group, a collective of young artists, for years after he graduated.

You can see some of his paintings formerly on auction at He has a more abstract style. Apparently Ivanka Trump bought an Eisner piece in 2013, so his work is part of her art collection.

How old is Eisner?

Eisner was born on July 31, 1988, so he’ll be 33 this summer. He shared a shot from his high school yearbook on his Instagram, which publicly revealed his birth date. He’s a Leo!

When did he and Ashley meet and start dating?

Not much has been revealed about the two’s romance. RadarOnline reported back in February that the two quietly started dating in 2017 after being just friends for years. Grazia notes they were first seen publicly at the Hammer Museum’s Gala in the Garden in October 2017.

They allegedly met through mutual high school friends and have known each other for more than five years.

Are Ashley and Louis close with Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy?

When that Mary-Kate first separated from her husband of nearly five years in May 2020, Ashley was supportive of her sister during this time. A source told E! that Mary-Kate was quarantining with Ashley and a group of friends outside of New York City. “It’s gotten very ugly between them [Mary-Kate and Olivier],” the source said, referring to it as a “heated divorce.” Mary-Kate is “done with constant drama,” the source added.

But before Mary-Kate and Olivier’s relationship ended, they were seen out a few times with Ashley and her significant other. In June 2019, the sisters celebrated their 33rd birthdays with Eisner and Sarkozy by their sides, according to E!. And in November 2019, the Daily Mail ran photos of the Olsen twins with their respective partners, double-dating at Bowery Hotel’s Gemma restaurant in New York City.

How serious are Ashley and Eisner now?

Radar’s source in February 2019 said the two were “very much in love.”

An insider also explained to Radar that Eisner likes his privacy, and that’s why he hasn’t walked any red carpets with his girlfriend. (Ashley seldom walks red carpets, for what it’s worth.) “It’s not that they are trying to keep their relationship on the down low, Louis just doesn’t like the spotlight—even less so than Ashley,” the source said.

Back in 2018, a source told the outlet that they’re not about to get married either. “They’re not in a rush,” Radar’s source said. “He’s a long-term relationship kind of guy, but he doesn’t follow societal norms.”

In Mary-Kate and Ashley’s August 2018 WSJ magazine interview, the outlet noted that Ashley was contemplating moving to Los Angeles full-time. This could be in part because that’s where Eisner has been based. A 2017 New York Times profile on his mom described him as commuting back and forth between Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Eisner has been to some major public events for Ashley. He was at her and Mary-Kate’s 33rd birthday party in New York City, E! reported, where he had dinner with their friends and Mary-Kate’s husband.

On July 29, 2019, the couple made a rare appearance out in Pacific Palisades, California, where they were photographed going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Is Eisner on social media?

Eisner has an Instagram, which mostly shows artwork. He does, however, share personal photos from time to time, although he has never posted any of him and Ashley together. He posted one about his brother in March 2018.

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He also shared a yearbook photo of himself in January 2019, writing, “Tbt Senior page. Forgot to give them a baby photo but now this is my baby photo.”

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How are Eisner and Ashley doing during the coronavirus pandemic?

A year into quarantining, Eisner and Ashley’s relationship is still very much on. The couple of nearly four years now was photographed in New York City on Sunday, March 14 on a double date with friends. Daily Mail ran photos of the two alongside each other in coats. Eisner, in one shot, has an arm around Ashley’s back. According to the outlet, the couple had dinner and wine with W magazine editor-in-chief Sara Moonves and her boyfriend, fashion photographer, Jeff Henrikson.

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Lorraine Schwartz is Giving Back in Diamonds



Lorraine Schwartz is Giving Back in Diamonds

March marks the beginning of spring, so new spring fashion is just around the corner (even if it’s not quite time to put away your winter coat yet). We’re rounding up the hottest drops of the month, and this week brings an initiative to help BIPOC jewelry designers, spearheaded by jewelry legend Lorraine Schwartz.

Come back for more as we continue to update our gallery with the latest fashion news and launches that you do not want to miss.

Lorraine Schwartz Announces BIPOC Jewelry Designer Initiative

Who: Lorraine Schwartz

What: Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative with the Natural Diamond Council

Why: Lorraine Schwartz is initiating a one-of-a-kind program with the Natural Diamond Council with $1 million dollars of diamond credit dedicated to supporting emerging Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) jewelry designers. Young designers have an especially hard time accessing diamonds with limited resources, and Schwartz wants to provide these designers with the contacts and finances needed to get their brands off the ground. The program, announced in January, will offer mentorship and $20,000 credit to each designer and stand as a guarantor with the diamond supplier. A well-appointed selection committee including Lorraine Schwartz, NDC CEO David Kellie, Nicole Chapoteau of Vanity Fair, and celebrity stylist and designer Jason Rembert will review and approve designer applications until the $1 million diamond credit runs out. Honorary advisors Pharrell, Kelly Rowland, and Tina Knowles will also lend their expert opinions at various stages of the program. The committee has just announced the first six designers participating in the program: Constance Polamalu of Birthright Foundry, Dorian Webb of Dorian Webb, Lisette Scott of Jam + Rico, Malyia McNaughton of Made by Malyia, Marvin Linares of Marvin Douglas Jewelry, and Jameel Mohammed of KHIRY (all pictured here). The goal is to start endorsing, financially and creatively, more diverse viewpoints and allowing voices previously unable to break through in the industry the space to flourish.


Loro Piana Debuts The Sesia Bag

Who: Loro Piana

What: The Sesia Bag

Where: Available online and in Loro Piana boutiques

Why: Italian luxury brand Loro Piana, known for their unmatched cashmere and wool, is introducing their newest handbag shape for 2021, the Sesia bag. Named for the river that flows through the heart of the northern Italian valley where Loro Piana is based, the Sesia bag is made in harmony with nature. Its minimalist lines are complemented by leather in colors native to the region.


BVLGARI Introduces Serpenti Through The Eyes Of Mary Katrantzou


Collaboration with Mary Katrantzou

Where: Available for pre-order in selected Bvlgari boutiques worldwide and on from April 15. Online pre-orders will start from March 21st.

Why: Bvlgari has allowed another designer to reimagine the iconic Bvlgari Serpenti and infuse their personal style and taste into the original design. British-born Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, known for her intricate and colorful designs, reworked on the Serpenti Metamorphosis bag, the Serpenti Metamorphosis Handle bag and the Serpenti Metamorphosis minaudière. Katrantzou emphasizes the relationship between the butterfly and snake with her playful patterns. Pictured here on fashion icon Natalia Vodianova, the Serpenti Metamorphosis Handle bag is reimagined in sublime Nappa leather in a variety of new colors.


Altuzarra Introduces Re-Crafted

Who: Altuzarra

What: Re-Crafted upcycled collection

Where: Available at

Why: The push towards sustainable and circular fashion production is something more and more designers are taking seriously. Hopefully for most, it’s not a trend but rather a commitment to eco-friendly fashion. Altuzarra is beginning that journey with a line called Re-Crafted, a capsule of limited skirts, tops, and bags made with archival fabrics. Using leftover textiles from previous collections, Altuzarra created chunky and colorful knits, available now and starting at $395 on


Loewe Launches Elephant Bag in Shuka Fabric

Who: Loewe

What: Elephant handbag capsule, in partnership with Knot On My Planet

Where: Available exclusively online at and

Why: Loewe continues their commitment to local craft and environmental justice as their collaboration with wildlife campaign Knot On My Planet enters its third year. This year, the Elephant bag is crafted in traditional Shuka shawl colors, a fabric used by the Samburu people of Kenya to symbolize the red of the cattle’s blood, the blue of the sky, and the white of the cow’s milk. The tassle strap is hand-woven by a skilled team of artisan women on the Samburu Trust. 100% of the proceeds from the limited run of handbags goes directly to the Elephant Crisis Fund, an initiative that directly works with conservationists in order to preserve the fragile future of the African elephant.


Uniqlo Launches +J SS21 Collection

Who: Uniqlo

What: Spring Summer 2021 Collaboration with Jil Sander

Where: Available in Uniqlo stores and on

Why: Since 2009, fashion legend Jil Sander has been collaborating with Uniqlo, creating timeless and sophisticated pieces at a price amenable for every customer. This spring, Jil focused on easy, breathable fabrics in muted tones, ready for a “regeneration and a fresh start” after a biting winter. The collection comes in a size range XXS-XL and is available now exclusively in Uniqlo stores and on


MAMAG/group and PHLEMUNS Collaborate on Bucket Hats

Who: MAMAG/group and PHLEMUNS

What: Bucket hat collaboration

Where: Available online at

Why: Genderless label PHLEMUNS based out of Los Angeles has teamed up with their parent company MAMAG/group, a holding company focused on representation and equitable opportunity across multiple sectors and industries.Their first product collaboration resulted in these timeless bucket hats made in cow print, coming in three unique colors and seamlessly meshing with the elevated, accessible and cool designer James Flemons has become known for at PHLEMUNS. Each hat is handmade and 20% of the proceeds from profits go back to Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, an organization focused on supporting the homeless population and specifically the residents of Skid Row.


UGG Releases Collaboration with Molly Goddard

Who: UGG

What: Collaboration with Molly Goddard

Where: Available at, select global UGG® stores, and retail partners including Dover Street Market, Nordstrom, SSENSE and Blake

Why: The wait is finally over! As soon as fashion industry favorite Molly Goddard debuted her collaboration with UGG on the runway of London Fashion Week last September, we’ve been drooling over the shoes she created with the Southern Californian shoe brand. Molly is known for her elegant yet playful designs, and her eye for color is unmatched. This collaboration highlights the whimsy of her vision with the platform slide in exuberant colors, a mini boot with floral pattern, and a furry slide that mimics some of Molly’s designs. Grab a pair, and fast– they definitely won’t stay on the shelves for long!


A.P.C. Debuts Interaction #9 With Sacai

Who: A.P.C.

What: Collaboration with Sacai

Where: In A.P.C. stores and on

Why: A.P.C. has initiated their 9th collaboration, or Interaction, with the Japanese brand Sacai. Designer Chitose Abe infused her signature hybridity and deconstruction of wardrobe basics with the French label known for easy, wearable pieces. Jean Touitou said of the collaboration that they “push the limits of what we might call ‘wearability’.” Denim jackets have nylon bomber jacket vents seamlessly integrated on its sides and hoodies and t-shirts are printed with the hybrid logo, SA.P.C.AI. The end result are pieces that speak to both brand’s core style and chicness.


OPPO Launches Find X3 Pro


What: New Find X3 Pro Smartphone

Where: Online at

Why: OPPO has launched one of the most movie-ready smartphones on the market. The 4 different cameras capture 1 billion colors (yes, you read that right), making every picture and video a cinematic experience. The phone features state of the art glass wear, beautiful display, and even ringtones composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer. It’s time to reconsider the iPhone and switch to this sleek, chic option!


Dr. Marten’s Teams Up With Rick Owens

Who: Dr. Martens

What: Collaboration with Rick Owens

Where: Online at or

Why: It’s almost impossible to believe that Dr. Marten’s and Rick Owens have never collaborated until now, since both brands represent the irreverent grunge movement born from the early ’90s. Owens says of that time that “Dr. Martens became a symbol of a raw and sweaty vitality.” Now, almost 40 years later, Owens is dropping two releases with the shoe brand, the first of which is a redux of Dr Marten’s 1460 Bex platform boot. Owens has outfitted the boots with intricate lacing, which immediately brings to mind the visceral and complex designs that he has become notorious for. The first drop from the match made in heaven releases on Saturday, March 20.


Birkenstock Collaborates with Central Saint Martins Graduates

Who: Birkenstock

What: Collaboration with Central Saint Martins

Where: In select Birkenstock stores worldwide and on

Why: Birkenstock reached out to London fashion school Central Saint Martins in 2018, inviting Fashion Theory students to discover Birkenstock’s extensive archive, and the project went so well Birkenstock has partnered with them again. In 2020, they asked MA Fashion students to reimagine classic Birkenstock styles, including the Arizona and the Milano. The students were given carte blanche and were mentored by a dozen of the industry’s premier talents in design, publishing, and business. A final four was selected to have their shoes produced; the four winners are Alex Wolfe, Dingyun Zhang (whose design is pictured here), Saskia Lenaerts, and Alecsander Rothschild. This organic collaboration between two renowned names in fashion has allowed young talent to flourish and create exciting new designs, available for purchase now.


Hermanos Koumori Launch Pre-Spring Summer Collection

Who: Hermanos Koumori

What: Pre-Spring Summer 2021 collection

Where: Online at

Why: Mexican streetwear brand Heramons Koumori is always interested in storytelling through their clothing, and their latest collection is no exception. Inspired by a text written by Mexican novelist and short story writer, Antoni Ortuño, about a fictitious airline Aerolíneas Populares, or AeroPop. “AeroPop” inspired a line of pilot uniforms, vintage airline logos on t-shirts and hats, all produced in Mexico with fabrics sourced internationally.


Alexander McQueen Releases Skull Mask Eyewear

Who: Alexander McQueen

What: Skull Mask sunglasses

Where: Available on

Why: We’re all used to covering our faces at this point, and these McQueen sunglasses allow for even more facial coverage. The XL frames are industrial chic and will keep you covered from the sun all summer long. The metal frames have a miniature skull on the temple, a signature motif of McQueen that brings the gothic edge to these sleek sunnies.


Adidas and Peleton Announce Partnership

Who: adidas and Peleton

What: Ongoing partnership and activewear collaboration

Where: Available starting March 25 on, in select adidas retailers, and in select Peloton showrooms

Why: Peleton is continuing to broaden their sense of community by collaborating with premier activewear and lifestyle brand, adidas. The partnership will kick off with a clothing line made in collaboration with Peloton instructors Robin Arzón, Ally Love and Cody Rigsby. These instructors had the opportunity to create pieces tailored to Peleton’s at home workouts, both on and off the bike, as well as relaxed loungewear for rest days. The collection is vibrant, wearable, and size inclusive, running from XS-2X. Prices range from $30-85 and the line will be available on March 25.


Hinge Collaborates for Virtual Date Night Kit

Who: Hinge

What: Virtual Date Night Kit collaboration with Uncommon Goods

Where: Online at

Why: If you’re struggling to come up with a cute way to virtually meet your online crush, this is the solution for you. Hinge has partnered with Uncommon Goods to enhance your first date with your Hinge match, albeit a virtual one. Purchase a Date Night Kit for $30, and Uncommon Goods will give you a code to send to your date for them to purchase one at no cost. The kit includes one of three mixing kits for cocktails and a selection of prompts from Hinge to break the ice.


Merlette Debuts Handbags

Who: Merlette

What: Line of handbags

Where: Online at

Why: New York based brand Merlette, known for their easy day dresses, ventures into the world of accessories with their first line of handbags. The 3 styles are made with sustainable, traceable fabrics and complement the relaxed comfort of the brand’s ready to wear offerings. The Asha Tote pictured utilizes Indian hand-stitching practices and requires over 90 hours of handwork. Prices range from $460-560.


Isabel Marant Debuts Spring Eyewear

Who: Isabel Marant

What: Spring Summer 2021 Eyewear

Where: Online at

Why: Isabel Marant is synonymous with effortless Parisian chic, and the brand’s Spring-Summer 2021 eyewear offering delivers on that premise. The launch includes geometric and oversized shapes, which mix seamlessly with the ease of the Isabel Marant wardrobe. The Spring campaign was shot by Juergen Teller and features Isabel regular Rebecca Leigh Longendyke.


Jacquie Aiche Participates in Make March Matter

Who: Jacquie Aiche

What: Make March Matter fundraising

Where: Online at

Why: LA-based jewelry brand Jacquie Aiche is using the month of March to fundraise for the annual campaign Make March Matter. This campaign is focused on raising funds for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and both businesses and the community of LA rally around this fundraiser every year. Jacquie Aiche will be donating 20% of all proceeds from this line to Make March Matter, which includes best-selling items worn by Rihanna and Gigi Hadid, for the entire month of March.


Reformation Releases Jean’s Genes

Who: Reformation

What: Sustainable jeans collection

Where: Online at

Why: Reformation is seeking to increase the transparency in their clothing production from start to finish, and the latest offering of denim includes FibreTrace technology which engrains scannable, luminescent pigments into the fabric. When scanned, customers are able to view where the textiles came from that compose the jeans they’re wearing. Find out where the cotton was responsibly farmed and culled, to where the jeans were produced, and finally how they ended up on your legs. The range includes 6 styles, including some Reformation favorites, and range from $78-148.


Forevermark Launches Avaanti Collection

Who: Forevermark

What: Avaanti Collection

Where: Online at

Why: The De Beers Group brand Forevermark has released their newest collection, Avaanti. Avaanti translates to “forward” from Italian, and the new collection symbolizes a kinetic energy brought to life by brilliant 18K gold and conflict-free diamonds. The collection includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and rings, all characterized by a swooping circular pendant, signaling perpetuity in motion.


Loewe Launches Surplus Accessories

Who: Loewe

What: Surplus Woven tote and Crab Charms

Where: Online at

Why: It’s no secret that Loewe handbags are some of the most luxurious and well-crafted leather goods in the business. Jonathan Anderson’s craftsman touch can be seen in the Surplus Woven tote bags, made from scraps of grained and smooth leather from previous seasons, tightening the production circle and maximizing the use of raw materials. The result is a timelessly gorgeous piece of art that’s practical and durable.


Dolce & Gabbana Announce Collaboration with DJ Khaled

Who: Dolce & Gabbana

What: Collaboration with DJ Khaled

Where: Online and in select D&G boutiques worldwide on March 15

Why: The duo behind Dolce and Gabbana are no strangers to the music scene, having collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. The latest talent on their roster? DJ Khaled, world famous producer and DJ. He brings his signature flair and casual style to the collaboration, which is bright, flowy, and size inclusive. The capsule drops on March 15th, online and in select boutiques.


Kassl Editions Presents Dog Bags

Who: Kassl Editions

What: Dog Tote Bags

Where: Online at

Why: From the brand making the perfect oversized tote comes an even bigger tote than before—this time, for your pet. Kassl Editions was founded in 2018 to make the perfect fisherman’s trench coat, and their style has become synonymous with quality and European ease. The newest rendition of their hit Oil Tote bag comes in two sizes to accommodate any pooch, in 4 stunning shades.


Miu Miu Famous Cats

Who: Miu Miu

What: Famous Cats T-shirt Collection

Where: In select Miu Miu boutiques and on

Why: Miu Miu released an exclusive line of five new t-shirts featuring some of film’s favorite felines. Didn’t think that The Godfather or Alien could be cute? Think again. Each tee features a printed still from the film, alongside a text blurb explaining just why these kitties are so iconic. Retailing for $655, sizes XS-L. Meow!


Marc Jacobs Hosts Open Book Conversations

Who: Marc Jacobs

What: Open Book Conversations

Where: On Marc Jacobs Instagram Live @marcjacobs

Why: To honor Women’s History Month, Marc Jacobs has invited some of his closest friends in the fashion industry along with new faces and talents to talk about the industry as a whole through the lenses of race, innovation, and giving back. The talks will kick off on Tuesday, March 9, with a discussion with Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell, two dear friends of Jacobs’. Their discussion will also be a live fundraiser for Every Mother Counts.


Dior Launches Her Dior Book

Who: Dior

What: Her Dior book

Where: Available on

Why: In celebration of creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s tenure, Dior is releasing a special book in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The cover features the shirt Chiuri designed for her first collection, which became an instant hit and manifesto for her career at the French fashion house. Inside are works from 33 female photographers who have collaborated with Dior, honoring their work and uniquely female perspective.


Bloomingdale’s Launches Stella McCartney Pop-up “Stellabration”

Who: Bloomingdale’s & Stella McCartney

What: “Stellabration”, The Carousel Pop-Up

Where: Online at, select stores (NY & CA)

Why: In its latest Carousel Pop-Up, Bloomingdale’s invites a taste of spring with “Stellabration”. Shoppers will browse a curated assortment of brands & products chosen by Stella herself – from her own SS21 collection and beauty must-haves to home goods and snacks. Better yet, all of “Stellabration” supports and uplifts Stella’s eco-conscious ethos & leadership in sustainability efforts. Just in time for Earth Month! Stocked among giant video walls displaying exclusive Stella McCartney animation & illustrations by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, in-person shoppers will be fully immersed in a Stella-approved world. Stop into the store or shop the site, now through May 17th.


Brown University Announces Brown Fashion Week

Who: Brown University

What: Brown Fashion Week

Where: Online at

Why: Brown University has announced an exciting two week long “Fashion Week.” The student organization [email protected] has expanded greatly upon last season’s fashion week and is offering over a dozen exciting talks and panels over the course of the two weeks, with speakers such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Chamberlain. The two week long program culminates in The Brown University 11th Annual Runway Show on Friday, March 26 at 7:00 pm ET, presented virtually for the first time. The show will include the collections of twenty-six student designers from both Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. The show must go on, and Brown has used the new virtual normal as a means to engage students in discussions and allow more eyes to come to these emerging student designers.


Nordstrom Introduces Second Goodfair Drop

Who: Nordstrom

What: Collaboration with Goodfair

Where: Shop at

Why: Expanding upon their Sustainable Style offerings, Nordstrom is partnering with Goodfair to bring the thrill of thrifting to your online cart. Goodfair is a one-of-a-kind digital thrift store, lightening the burden of shopping vintage by curating the best of their finds and creating an in-house sizing system to ensure everything fits perfectly the first time. Monthly drops feature exclusive vintage finds ranging from $40-$80.


Cuyana Releases Double Loop Bag

Who: Cuyana

What: Double Loop Bag and Mini Double Loop Bag

Where: Online at

Why: San Francisco based brand Cuyana has been devoted to high quality and sustainable leather goods since its inception ten years ago, and the latest offering is an expansion on their best-selling Oversized Double Loop Bag. The Crossbody allows hands-free, travel-friendly carrying of just the essentials. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the Mini Double Loop, a smaller version, which is available for pre-order now before its launch in May.


Neous Unveils New Handbag Shapes

Who: Neous

What: The Venus and Mercury Handbags

Where: on, Net-a-Porter, and Matchesfashion

Why: The increasingly popular British handbag brand Neous is releasing two handbags today inspired by British artist Barbara Hepworth. The Venus and the Mercury (pictured on this adorable llama) draw on the geometric and spatial works of Hepworth, bringing the infinity of the circle to life in both symmetrical, art-like handbags.


Canada Goose Announces Partnership with NBA and Collaboration with RHUDE

Who: Canada Goose

What: Partnership with NBA and Product Collaboration with RHUDE

Where: In select Canada Goose retail stores and online

Why: Hypebeasts and hypebaes, unite. Canada Goose is initiating a partnership with the NBA, releasing a collaboration with a new designer each year. The first of lot is with Los Angeles-based brand RHUDE, dropping on March 7th. Four unisex outerwear pieces will be available right before Sunday night’s NBA game, including this bright traffic cone orange puffer vest. Be sure to grab one before they’re all gone.


Gucci Announces Collaboration With Tommey Walker’s Label DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY

Who: Gucci

What: Collaboration with Tommey Walker and his label DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY

Where: 11 US cities picked as Changemakers cities by Gucci, and on

Why: Gucci is furthering its commitment to its social impact initiative, Gucci Changemakers, by collaborating with Detroit native Tommey Walker and his brand DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY on a series of eleven t-shirts highlighting Gucci’s eleven Changemaker cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C). Gucci tapped Walker and his brand because the ingenuity and sincerity of his brand caught their eye and matched perfectly with the brand’s reinvigorated commitment to community-based change.

This is the first fashion-based program that the Changemakers program is releasing, and a portion of the profits from the shirts will be donated to the 2020 and recently announced 2021 Gucci Changemakers North America Impact Fund winners. The winners are organizations striving towards social and racial equity, focusing on building connections and opportunities within communities of color.

The shirts retail for $390 USD, available in all eleven cities and A special edition shirt which says “GUCCI VS. EVERYBODY” will be available exclusively at Troy Somerset Collection Gucci in Detroit.


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